Retül Bike and Saddle Fitting in Belfast city centre

Professional bike fitting for everyone! From £99    

Professional Bike fitting service suitable for all types of riders from roadies to sportive riders, triathletes and mountain bikers our fit service suits everyone.

A bike fit can help improve performance, reduce the chance of injury and maximise enjoyment on the bike.

At Velo Cafe Magasin we use Retül dynamic fitting technology along with gebioMized saddle pressure mapping, our bike fitter Sean has years of experience both on the bike and in the fit studio. Graduating from Retül university in 2012 Sean keeps up to date with all the latest fit technology including most recently saddle pressure mapping. He is also a fully qualified sports massage therapist and association of British cycling coach .

We offer 2 types of bike fit to help cater for everyone, from the casual cyclist who wants to be 100% sure their bike is set up correctly, to the performance rider who wants to improve power outage, reduce the chance of injury, limit fatigue and ensure maximum comfort. The fitting area is separate to the main shop to ensure you get the best uninterrupted fitting session. All bike fit options come with a follow up session to allow time for you to get use to any changes made during the session and iron out any issues that arise from changes during the initial fit.


Expert Fit- £99 

Includes full pre-fit interview, basic physical assessment, Retül fit, bike set up report, 30 minute follow up session

Fit last approximately 1.5 hours

Pro Fit- £175 

Includes full pre-fit interview, advanced physical assessment, Retül fit, gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping, cleat and shoe fitting,  1 hr follow up session

Fit lasts approximately 2.5 hours

gebioMized Saddle Pressure Mapping- £40

Pressure saddle mapping

Saddle fit lasts approximately 45 minutes

Bike Sizing- £30

If you are planning on buying a new bike it is important to get the sizing right first.

Our bike sizing assessment helps you decide what bike size is appropriate and allows you to be confident in your choice.

Assessment time takes approximately 40 minutes

2nd Bike Fitting- £45

Specifically for customers who have already had a bike fit at Velo Cafe Magasin, this service is to dial in any additional bikes you have.

Any bike bought at velo cafe magasin includes a FREE bike sizing and fitting.

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